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  • Compression Therapy machine is used to prevent and manage of Deep Vein Thrombosis. Our product is equipped with advanced technology and touch interface.
  • Cryotur uses cold air for therapy without touching the skin. By cooling room air to -35°C with a compressor and an eco-friendly coolant, it delivers chilled air to tissues. This cost-effective system has two modes, offering versatile therapies without the need for consumables. A standard IR sensor ensures safe and controlled therapy, optimizing results.
  • Introducing the Curatur 701 – a device that combines both electrotherapy and 1/3MHz ultrasound for treating nerve issues. It builds on the success of the Curatur 601, raising the bar for high-performance electrotherapy systems. With advanced tech and excellent therapeutic capabilities, it offers flexibility for customization and upgrades.
  • The use of synergies in the development of the device line resulted in sonotur as a comfort solution for therapeutic ultrasound and sonophore treatment. The use of ultrasound in physical therapy is becoming increasingly popular due to the treatment success. The areas of application are the therapy of pain regions, posttraumatic diseases, circulatory and skin problems as well as the treatment of peripheral nerves
  • The BTL HandsFree Sono features revolutionary Rotary Field Technology, establishing a new benchmark in ultrasound therapy. It stands as the first applicator in the market capable of autonomously generating a precisely rotating ultrasound field, eliminating the need for therapist intervention. This remarkable advancement guarantees swift, effective, and comfortable treatment while reducing operator fatigue, specifically designed for use with BTL-4000 SMART/PREMIUM devices.  
  • A specialized trolley tailored to accommodate the BTL 6000 Series devices, ensuring easy mobility and convenient handling of these advanced electrotherapy systems.
  • A trolley designed for the BTL 4000/5000 Series devices, providing mobility and convenience for transporting and using these electrotherapy systems.
  • The Vacuum Therapy BTL-VAC II is a safe and effective tool that enhances electrotherapy treatments, ideal for managing acute and chronic pain, muscle and nerve issues, joint mobility impairments, edema reduction, and blood flow improvement. Its user-friendly vacuum unit allows precise electrode attachment on different patients and body areas, operating in both continuous and pulse modes for comprehensive therapy benefits.
  • The BTL-1300 3-Section Traction Bed offers versatility with electrical height and mid-section adjustment. Its silent, heavy-duty motors ensure comfort, while non-flammable, easy-to-clean upholstery materials prioritize safety and hygiene for patients. Upgrade your practice with this functional and user-friendly therapy couch.
  • Explore BTL's innovative Traction Therapy with the BTL-6000 Traction unit—an effective non-invasive solution for relieving chronic back pain. This advanced system offers personalized therapy parameters, allowing you to precisely set the traction force and speed. With its intuitive color touch screen, configuring therapy settings is a breeze.  
  • The Shockwave Therapy BTL-6000 SWT EASY is your compact and user-friendly solution. With an intuitive LED interface and 7 preset protocols, it allows parameter adjustments during therapy. Designed with user ergonomics in mind, it offers highly effective, non-invasive pain relief for musculoskeletal conditions. This device swiftly restores mobility and relieves pain, making it ideal for orthopedic, rehabilitation, and sports medicine applications. Experience the ease of the BTL-6000 SWT EASY for efficient pain relief.
  • Introducing the BTL-6000 SWT TOPLINE, the ultimate in portable shockwave technology. This robust and compact device, weighing a mere 7 kg with a built-in compressor, offers highly effective, non-invasive pain relief for musculoskeletal issues. It swiftly restores mobility and alleviates pain, making it an excellent choice for orthopedics, rehabilitation, and sports medicine applications. Experience the power of the BTL-6000 SWT TOPLINE for fast and efficient pain relief.
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