Curatur 701

Introducing the Curatur 701 – a device that combines both electrotherapy and 1/3MHz ultrasound for treating nerve issues. It builds on the success of the Curatur 601, raising the bar for high-performance electrotherapy systems. With advanced tech and excellent therapeutic capabilities, it offers flexibility for customization and upgrades.


Introducing the Curatur 701, a cutting-edge device that combines both electrotherapy and 1/3MHz ultrasound treatment in one unit. This means you can use either ultrasound or electrotherapy to treat issues with your nerve system.

This system brings together advanced technology with exceptional therapeutic abilities, offering an extended range of options and the possibility for future upgrades. It’s designed to provide a premium performance, giving you versatile and effective treatment for your nerve-related concerns.

The Curatur 701 builds upon the success of its predecessor, the Curatur 601, and sets a new standard for top-notch electrotherapy systems. The combination treatment has a pronounced analgesic effect and represents for many patients a real alternative to the drug pain treatment. Carrying out a galvanic or medium-frequency test as an economic pre-field method for electromyography to perform a diagnostic differentiation of a totally denervated muscle.

Features of Curatur 701

  • Fresh, clean, exclusive design
  • Ultrasound head holder as standard accessory
  • Refined finishing in a splendid piano white color
  • Compact size that allows it to be transferred
  • Ergonomic design, clear line of sight for seated and standing users
  • Combination with avventur in special matching colours


Technical Specification

Main Supply 96-264 V AC & 50-60 Hz
Max Power Consumption 95 VA
Time Range 1-30 min
Patient Data Storage 1000000
Display 10.4″ VGA Display
Ultrasound Heads 1 cm2, 4cm2 waterproof
Power US Continuous 1 MHz- 2 W/cm & 3 MHz- 1 W/cm
Power US Pulsed 1 MHz- 3 W/cm & 3 MHz- 2 W/cm
Pulses 2, 4,6,10, 20 ms
Pulse Interval 20 ms
Operation mode CC & CV
Variety of waveforms 25
Dimensions 29 cm x 12 cm x 26.5 cm
Weight 3.6 Kg


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