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  • Physio Care's revolutionary Laser Therapy system is a state-of-the-art solution designed to transform your pain management and healing experience. Our Laser Therapy device utilizes advanced laser technology to target and stimulate deep tissues, accelerating the body's natural healing processes.
  • The BTL Premium Laser is a state-of-the-art 1-channel laser system, incorporating the industry's most advanced technology. With user-friendly Body Parts navigation, QUICK protocols, and the convenience of portability, it's a top choice for precise laser therapy in various applications.
  • The BTL Smart Laser is a 1-channel laser system, featuring cutting-edge industry technology. It stands out for its portability and battery operation, making it a flexible and advanced choice for laser therapy applications.
  • Discover the automated BTL 6000 High Intensity Robotic Laser with the Scanning System Elite, offering gentle yet highly efficient pain management for your patients. Laser light's healing effect stems from biostimulation, expediting cellular processes that aid in pain relief and quicker injury recuperation. With its distinctive blend of 30W power and a 1064nm wavelength, it precisely reaches deep tissues, ensuring optimal pain alleviation and providing potent thermic therapies in a shorter duration.
  • Experience the automated BTL-6000 High Intensity Robotic Laser with the Scanning System Elite., providing gentle yet highly effective pain management for your patients. This advanced technology harnesses laser light's biostimulative properties, accelerating cellular processes for pain reduction and faster injury healing. With its exceptional blend of 20W power and a 1064nm wavelength, it precisely targets deep tissues, ensuring maximum pain relief and delivering robust thermic therapies in less time.
  • The BTL-6000 HIGH INTENSITY LASER 12 W is a revolutionary laser system with 50 times more power than traditional lasers. With its unique 1064 nm wavelength, it penetrates tissues up to 10 centimeters deep, offering exceptional efficacy in accelerating healing and managing pain. Tailored for applications in sports medicine, orthopedics, and rehabilitation, it's a game-changer in advanced laser therapy.


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