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  • Body Composition Analyzer by Physio Care is a pioneering solution that delves beyond mere weight to provide a comprehensive insight into your body's composition. Through advanced bioelectrical impedance technology, this cutting-edge device offers a nuanced understanding of factors such as body fat percentage, muscle mass, hydration levels, and more. Elevate your wellness journey with precise data and embark on a path to informed health management.
  • The BTL-1300 3-Section Traction Bed offers versatility with electrical height and mid-section adjustment. Its silent, heavy-duty motors ensure comfort, while non-flammable, easy-to-clean upholstery materials prioritize safety and hygiene for patients. Upgrade your practice with this functional and user-friendly therapy couch.
  • A trolley designed for the BTL 4000/5000 Series devices, providing mobility and convenience for transporting and using these electrotherapy systems.
  • The BTL Smart Laser is a 1-channel laser system, featuring cutting-edge industry technology. It stands out for its portability and battery operation, making it a flexible and advanced choice for laser therapy applications.
  • The BTL-4625 Electrotherapy Premium is a 2-channel electrotherapy device with an extended current range, incorporating the industry's cutting-edge technology. It features user-friendly Body Parts navigation, QUICK protocols, and the convenience of portability with battery operation.
  • The BTL 4625 SMART is a 2-channel electrotherapy unit with an extended current range, harnessing the industry's most advanced technology. Designed for convenience & providing a versatile solution for modern electrotherapy applications.
  • The BTL 6000 Shortwave 400 is a versatile diathermy system offering both capacitive and inductive diathermy. With a power of up to 400 W, it provides optimal application flexibility. It features a color touch-screen interface for user-friendly operation, making it a valuable addition to your physiotherapy equipment.
  • The BTL-6000 HIGH INTENSITY LASER 12 W is a revolutionary laser system with 50 times more power than traditional lasers. With its unique 1064 nm wavelength, it penetrates tissues up to 10 centimeters deep, offering exceptional efficacy in accelerating healing and managing pain. Tailored for applications in sports medicine, orthopedics, and rehabilitation, it's a game-changer in advanced laser therapy.
  • Experience the automated BTL-6000 High Intensity Robotic Laser with the Scanning System Elite., providing gentle yet highly effective pain management for your patients. This advanced technology harnesses laser light's biostimulative properties, accelerating cellular processes for pain reduction and faster injury healing. With its exceptional blend of 20W power and a 1064nm wavelength, it precisely targets deep tissues, ensuring maximum pain relief and delivering robust thermic therapies in less time.
  • Discover the automated BTL 6000 High Intensity Robotic Laser with the Scanning System Elite, offering gentle yet highly efficient pain management for your patients. Laser light's healing effect stems from biostimulation, expediting cellular processes that aid in pain relief and quicker injury recuperation. With its distinctive blend of 30W power and a 1064nm wavelength, it precisely reaches deep tissues, ensuring optimal pain alleviation and providing potent thermic therapies in a shorter duration.
  • The BTL 6000 Inductive Shortwave Diathermy 200 is a specialized inductive diathermy system. It offers one- or two-channel inductive field options and supports both continuous and pulsed modes. With a color touch-screen user interface, it provides intuitive control. This system delivers up to 200 W of power, with a continuous power option of 100 W, making it a versatile choice for physiotherapy applications.
  • Introducing the BTL Microwave Diathermy, representing the latest in microwave diathermy technology. With up to 250 W of power, it offers versatile application options, supporting both continuous and pulsed modes. This advanced system includes customizable settings for tailored and effective treatment.  


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