Sonotur 701

The use of synergies in the development of the device line resulted in sonotur as a comfort solution for therapeutic ultrasound and sonophore treatment. The use of ultrasound in physical therapy is becoming increasingly popular due to the treatment success. The areas of application are the therapy of pain regions, posttraumatic diseases, circulatory and skin problems as well as the treatment of peripheral nerves


Meet Sonotur 701, our collaborative effort for therapeutic ultrasound and sonophore treatment—a comfortable and versatile solution.

Therapeutic ultrasound, gaining popularity in physical therapy, finds its match in Sonotur. It effectively addresses pain, aids injury recovery, improves circulation, and treats skin conditions and peripheral nerves.

Designed for versatility, Sonotur utilizes ultrasound technology for a comfortable and efficient therapeutic experience. It’s your reliable choice for localized pain relief, post-injury healing, enhanced circulation, and treatment of various health concerns. A valuable addition to the world of physical therapy.


  • 1 & 3 MHz Ultrasound Device
  • 10.4″ VGA Display
  • USB Support
  • Advanced coupling Control
  • Patient Data Storage
  • Both Continuous & Pulsed Modes
  • 1cm2 & 4cm2 heads
  • Combined 1/3 MHz emission
  • Waterproof heads

Technical Specification of Sonotur 701

Main Supply 96-264 V AC & 50-60 Hz
Max Power Consumption 95 VA
Time Range 1-30 min
Patient Data Storage 1000000
Display 10.4″ VGA Display
Ultrasound Heads 1 cm2, 4cm2 waterproof
Power US Continuous 1 MHz- 2 W/cm & 3 MHz- 1 W/cm
Power US Pulsed 1 MHz- 3 W/cm & 3 MHz- 2 W/cm
Pulses 2, 4,6,10, 20 ms
Pulse Interval 20 ms
Dimensions 29 cm x 12 cm x 26.5 cm
Weight 3.6 Kg

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