• Ankle Exerciser Ankle Exerciser
    Ankle Exerciser is an exercise therapy machine with painted Aluminium Boot and straps.As the name suggests this is used for ankle exercises.
  • Grip Exerciser Grip Exerciser

    Grip Exerciser

    Physio Care’s Grip Exerciser is a premium quality Exercise therapy machine with a base, chrome plated finish and a metallic frame grip.
  • Hand Exerciser with weight Hand Exerciser with weight
    Hand Exerciser with weight
  • Heel Exerciser Heel Exerciser
    Heel Exerciser
    Heel Exerciser is an Exercise therapy machine that has a painted aluminium boot with straps which is used for heel exercises.
  • Ladder Ladder


    Physio Care’s premium quality ladder is made up of polished hardwood.The ladder has around Thirty steps(30 Steps) which are used for shoulder abduction exercises
  • Multi Exerciser Multi Exerciser
    Physio Care’s Multi Exerciser is made of Bright polished Teakwood construction,suitable for Shoulder, Elbow, Chest and lower limb exercises.
  • Parallel Bar Parallel Bar
    Parallel Bar is an exercise therapy machine with hand race & uprights, that are made of painted Iron Tubing mounted on 10 Ft. long wooden platform with inpliation on both ends and they are covered with non-slip matting, height and width adjustable.
  • Postural Training Mirror Postural Training Mirror
    Physio Care’s premium quality Postural Training Mirror is of size 180 cm x 60 cm, Postural Training Mirror is protected by 5 cm wood polished frame and angular frame. The postural training mirror is mounted on a tubular stand with four casters. Postural Training Mirrors are used for training individuals in walking after a stroke or other affections that force them to relearn or correct their walking or posture. Mirrors provide Visual feedback of patients progress.
  • Quadriceps Table Quadriceps Table
    The Quadriceps Table consists of foam padded torque unit with two lever arms and of which hold the weight while the other provide contact with a patient. There are two models of Quadriceps table available
    • Quadriceps Table with Back Rest
    • Quadriceps Table without Back Rest.
  • Rowing Machine cum Sliding Unit Rowing Machine cum Sliding Unit
    Rowing Machine cum Sliding Unit has Tubular Steel Frame with the foam padded seat is fitted on four castors which side smoothly over the frame.
  • Shoulder Wheel Shoulder Wheel
    The Shoulder Wheel is a Wall Mounting Unit for shoulder, arm and pronation/supination exercises.
  • Stair Case Stair Case
    Stair Case is an exercise therapy machine built in two sections at right angles to fit into a corner steps.


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