CPM Knee LED PC903

Physio Care’s CPM (Continuous Passive Motion) machine is a compact and digitally designed model that is primarily used for treating lower limb joints after injury, disease, or surgery. This advanced unit offers numerous benefits, including improvements in fluid dynamics within the joint. Our CPM boasts of LCD Display.



Physio Care’s CPM Knee machine, a compact digital model, is vital for lower limb joint rehabilitation post-injury or surgery. It comes with an LCD Display and enhances fluid dynamics within the joint.

This machine is particularly valuable postoperatively, such as after total knee replacement and ACL repairs. It facilitates passive range of motion exercises, reducing stiffness, enhancing joint flexibility, and improving overall function.

With its compact digital design, coupled with the added convenience of the LCD Display, it becomes a transformative force in the treatment of lower limb joint conditions. Whether in postoperative scenarios or during the rehabilitation journey following injury, illness, or surgery, it empowers healthcare professionals to offer patients the highest standards of care.

Consequently, CPM Knee plays an instrumental role in guiding patients toward optimal recovery, ensuring increased joint flexibility, and the eventual achievement of improved overall joint function. In essence, this machine transcends being a mere medical device; it stands as a cornerstone of modern rehabilitation.


  • Main Cord
  • Dust Cover


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1 Year

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