CPM Knee Digital

Physio Care’s CPM machine is a compact device that is used for treating lower limb joints after injury, disease, or surgery. This advanced unit offers numerous benefits, including improvements in fluid dynamics within the joint.



Physio Care’s CPM (Continuous Passive Motion) machine marks a groundbreaking advancement in rehabilitation technology. Moreover, this compact, digitally designed model is intricately crafted to address the specific needs of lower limb joints following injury, illness, or surgical intervention.

Notably, its innovative design incorporates a host of remarkable features that significantly contribute to the well-being of patients on their journey to recovery. One of the notable advantages of this advanced unit lies in its unique ability to influence the dynamics of joint fluid.

Through gentle and consistent guidance of the joint through a range of motion, it plays a vital role in enhancing fluid circulation within the joint. Which inturn foster an environment conductive to healing and regeneration.The exceptional value of the CPM machine becomes particularly evident within the realm of postoperative care.

This is a critical phase of recovery where patients are often vulnerable and require specialized support. In this context, the machine assumes a pivotal role in the rehabilitation process, particularly for individuals undergoing major procedures such as total knee replacement or Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) repairs.

It emerges as an indispensable asset, introducing patients to passive range of motion exercises and meticulously guiding the joint through its natural articulation without necessitating any active muscle engagement.What truly sets this machine apart is its unparalleled precision and control. Healthcare professionals skillfully harness its capabilities to deliver highly targeted and meticulously managed joint movements.

This elevated level of control plays an instrumental role in ensuring he safety of the patient. It excels in diminishing postoperative stiffness, encouraging gradual increases in joint flexibility, and, in the end, enhancing overall joint function.

Standard Accessories

  • Main Cord
  • Dust Cover

Available Models: CPM Knee Digital, CPM Knee LCD

Technical Specification

Operational Voltage  220 V 50 Hz AC
Hold Time 0 – 10 sec
Rest Time 0 – 10 sec
Angle Control 0-130 degrees
Weight 14 Kg

Additional information

Weight 14 kg



1 Year


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