Body Shaper LCD PC1103

Experience the future of wellness with Physiocare’s Body Shaper, a state-of-the-art device utilizing Electro Mechanical Therapy for targeted muscle engagement. Seamlessly transitioning between slimming and muscle strengthening, it empowers you to sculpt your body’s contours while enhancing muscle tone and strength.



Physiocare’s Body Shaper is a cutting-edge device that utilizes the principle of Electro Mechanical Therapy to deliver effective results. The Body Shaper employs electro-stimulation with specific irregular waves to achieve its desired effects.

This innovative technology allows the Body Shaper to be used for both slimming purposes and muscle strengthening. By harnessing the power of electro-stimulation, the device targets the muscles, providing targeted contractions and toning.

In the context of slimming, this device aids in muscle stimulation and activation, which can contribute to the reduction of excess fat and improved body contour. When used for muscle strengthening, the device helps to enhance muscle tone, increase strength, and promote overall muscle development.

Key Features:

  • Electro Stimulation Excellence: This device employs advanced electro-stimulation, utilizing meticulously crafted irregular wave patterns to target and engage muscles with unparalleled accuracy.
  • Dual-Purpose Elegance: Seamlessly transitioning between slimming and muscle strengthening, this device proves versatile in catering to diverse wellness aspirations.
  • Sculpting Through Stimulation: In the context of slimming, the Body Shaper becomes an ally in stimulating muscles, contributing to the reduction of excess fat and fostering refined body contours.
  • Strength Unleashed: When directed towards muscle strengthening, the Body Shaper becomes a catalyst for enhanced muscle tone, increased strength, and holistic muscle development.

Standard Accessories

  • Twelve Output Lead
  • Twenty Four Pad Electrodes
  • Five set of Velcro
  • One Main Cord
  • One Gel Bottle

Technical Specification

Operational Voltage 220v 50 Hz AC
Output Frequency 30 Hz
Timer 0-99 Minutes (Digital With Auto Cut Off)
Output Modes Two (Fat Loss & Inch Loss)
Treatment Time a) 20-30 Minutes for Fat Loss
b) 20-30 Minutes for Inch Loss.
Weight 3.7 Kg Approx

Additional information

Weight 3.7 kg



1 Year

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