• The Disc Electrode for Diathermy is a crucial accessory designed to facilitate effective electromagnetic energy delivery in diathermy treatments. With its round, flat disc-shaped surface, it ensures uniform and precise application to the target area. This specialized electrode plays a key role in promoting healing, pain relief, and addressing various medical conditions, enhancing the efficiency and efficacy of diathermy procedures.
  • The BTL HandsFree Sono features revolutionary Rotary Field Technology, establishing a new benchmark in ultrasound therapy. It stands as the first applicator in the market capable of autonomously generating a precisely rotating ultrasound field, eliminating the need for therapist intervention. This remarkable advancement guarantees swift, effective, and comfortable treatment while reducing operator fatigue, specifically designed for use with BTL-4000 SMART/PREMIUM devices.  
  • A specialized trolley tailored to accommodate the BTL 6000 Series devices, ensuring easy mobility and convenient handling of these advanced electrotherapy systems.
  • A trolley designed for the BTL 4000/5000 Series devices, providing mobility and convenience for transporting and using these electrotherapy systems.


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