• The High Low Table by Physio Care is a dynamic and adaptable solution, meticulously designed to enhance versatility in medical and therapeutic settings. Engineered for seamless height adjustments, this table ensures patient comfort and practitioner convenience, making it an essential addition to modern healthcare facilities.
  • Physio Care designed the Fixed Height Traction Table as a specialized treatment table for horizontal cervical and lumbar traction therapy. This premium table delivers effective traction treatments by providing a stable and comfortable platform.
  • The BTL-1300 3-Section Traction Bed offers versatility with electrical height and mid-section adjustment. Its silent, heavy-duty motors ensure comfort, while non-flammable, easy-to-clean upholstery materials prioritize safety and hygiene for patients. Upgrade your practice with this functional and user-friendly therapy couch.
  • The exercise therapy machine, known as the Tilt Table by Physio Care, is designed to assist in various therapeutic and rehabilitative treatments. It features a foam-padded top that provides comfort and support to patients during therapy sessions.
  • Physio Care's Multi Exercise Chair is a dynamic fitness solution that redefines versatility in your workout regimen. With its adaptable design, it caters to a variety of exercises, including reciprocal motions for the elbow, shoulder, knees, and hips, active stretching for quadriceps and hamstrings, and resistive or assistive exercises. This all-in-one chair offers a comprehensive platform for strength training, flexibility, and targeted muscle engagement.
  • Physio Care designed the Quadriceps Table as a specialized apparatus to facilitate quadriceps strengthening exercises.This table consists of a foam-padded torque unit with two lever arms, with one arm holding the weight while the other provides contact with the patient.
  • Suspension Frame by Physio Care is a robust and versatile apparatus designed for suspension therapy. Constructed with tubular steel, this frame offers exceptional durability and stability during therapy sessions.


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