Mini Muscle Stimulator

Mini Muscle Stimulator is used to achieve many effects including strengthening and re-education of muscle, reduction of oedema, relief of pain and would repair. A number of different types of named currents are used for stimulating the muscle or nerve directly or indirectly. Mini Muscle Stimulator, one of  the most efficient muscle stimulator, uses various types of Faradic & Galvanic currents for this purpose. Mini Muscle Stimulator produces electrical pulses enter the body tissues via surface electrodes.


Mini Muscle Stimulator

Faradic Current is a short frequency therapeutic current which stimulates motor nerves and causes contraction of the muscle to which they supply. Faradic current is not painful to the patient. No form of the Faradic current is used on completely denervated muscles.It can be classified into 2 types:

  • Plain Faradic: This includes single stimulation with no interruption i.e. it is continuous current.
  • Surged Faradic: It is interrupted therapeutic current and it is also called modified Faradic current.

Galvanic Current is a Direct Electric Current. It can also be classified into 2 types:

  • Plain Galvanic: Its direction of polarity is constant and passes continuously in one direction only.
  • Intermittent or interrupted Galvanic: When galvanic current is reduced to zero suddenly from its peak value electronically it is called Intermittent or Interrupted galvanic current.

Uses of Mini Muscle Stimulator

Faradic current:

  • It is generally used to stimulate ‘innervated’ muscles.
  • Facilitation of Muscle contraction.
  • Re-education of muscle.
  • Neuropraxia of the motor nerve.
  • Pumping action which results in increased venous and lymphatic return.

Galvanic Current:

  • It is used to stimulate ‘denervated’ muscles by non-continuous mode.
  • Used in Neuralgia & Myalgia
  • Preliminary treatment of physiotherapy & circular disorders
  • Neurotids
  • Arthrosis deformities
  • Lontophoresis


  • Two Output Leads
  • Two Sets of Velcro
  • Four Pairs of Pad Electrodes
  • One Gel Bottle
  • One Bag


Specification Value
Therapy Mode Faradic, Surge Faradic, Int. Galvanic, Galvanic
Pulse Width Faradic: 6ms
Int Galvanic: 1-1000 ms
Frequency Faradic:: 50 Hz
Main Input 200-230V 50Hz AC
Weight 0.5 Kg
Dimensions (H x W x L) 2.2 x 3 x6 cm


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