Kimatur Prime

Kimatur is an advanced shockwave therapy system, using precise pneumatic control to deliver powerful therapy waves for conditions usually treated surgically. The PRIME model, with 8 years of market presence, boasts innovative features like pressure modulation and operates with a low-noise, oil-free compressor for deep tissue treatment.



Meet Kimatur Prime, a powerful shockwave therapy system that blends scientific evidence with the latest technology. Using a precisely controlled pneumatic system, it sends strong therapy waves to affected tissues, treating conditions that would typically require surgery.

The therapeutic benefits of Radial Shockwave Therapy (RSWT) result from a careful interaction of pressure with human tissue. Kimatur’s unique pressure waves act not only on the surface but also at the infra-cellular level, promoting neo-vascularization, cavitation, and anti-inflammatory actions.

Kimatur PRIME has been around for 8 years and stays updated with continuous improvements. Its advanced software offers users unique options like pressure and frequency modulation modes, single shot, and burst mode. The system’s low-noise, oil-free compressor generates high-pressure waves, delivering effective treatment deep inside the tissues.


  • 12.1″ Touch Screen
  • Powered by Windows CE
  • 1 GB Internal Memory, Expandable upto 8 GB via USB/SD
  • Patient Data Storage
  • Preset Programs & Pathology Information
  • Visual Analogue Scale for Pain in 3 Conditions
  • Impulse Counter
  • Modulation of pressure & frequency

Technical Specification of Kimatur Prime

Power Supply 230 ± 10% V AC & 50 – 60 Hz
Frequency 1 – 22Hz
Energy Density 0.72 (mJ/mm²)
Number of Applicators 13
Therapy Impulses 0-9999
Impulses per kit 2,000,000
Maximum Pressure 5 bars
Minimum Pressure 0.4 bars, Steps of 0.2
Therapy Protocols 55
Modes of Operation continuous-modulated
Display 12.1″ Graphic Color Touch Screen
Classification Type BF
Equipment protection Protection Class I/ Protection degree IP10
Dimensions 46 cm x 50 cm x 102.7 cm  (L x W x H)
Weight 50 Kg Max

Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 46 × 50 × 102.7 cm


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