• Body Shaper use the principle of Electro Mechanical Therapy which includes the wrapping up of the body, the depth-warmth method: lymph drainage, and electro-stimulation. The last category includes the only really effective method: a treatment with Body Shaper with its specific, irregular waves.
  • The general purpose of a deep heat therapy is to increase the extensibility of soft tissues, remove toxins from cells, enhance blood flow, increase the functioning of tissue cells, encourage muscle relaxation and help relieve pain.
  • In vacuum therapy, we apply an airtight tube to a body part, in which there is applied decompression followed by a compression. In order to stimulate venous and lymphatic circulation: this way, a suction is obtained, which generates a higher concentration of blood in the area, stimulating circulation and oxygenation, and accelerating the elimination of toxins.


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