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  • Wrist Rotary Wrist Rotary
    Physio Care’s Wrist Rotary is made of single grip unit of recession machined metal drum with calibrated sensitive resistance control mechanism fitted as wooden plate. Resistance can be increased or decreased for supination and pronation exercises.
    The Range of motion of Wrist Rotary can also be measured and recorded from the scale provided on the drum.
  • Traction Table Traction Table
    The fixed height Traction Table is used for Horizontal cervical & lumbar traction treatment. The hand and leg portion of the traction table can be adjusted as per angles and free movement on the basis of long-lasting ball bearing for lumbar treatment.
  • Tilt Table Tilt Table
    Tilt Table is an exercise therapy machine with foam padded top.Tilt Table is provided with three straps to hold the patient.The range of tilt in a tilt table is calibrated from 0-900.
  • Standing Frame Standing Frame
    Physio Care’s Standing Frame designed and made with premium quality materials comfortably supports weight-bearing parts of the body.The Standing Frame helps in preventing the atrophy of leg muscles, it improves the range of motion, helps to improve circulation, lessens the muscle spasms and contractions. The Standing Frame is made out of best quality teak wood and is fitted with a laminated top tray
  • Stair Case Stair Case
    Stair Case is an exercise therapy machine built in two sections at right angles to fit into a corner steps.